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The Teaching Credential with Master's Degree program offers an opportunity for qualified students to complete the requirements for both a Masters of Arts in Education degree and a Multiple Subject OR Single Subject Credential in English, mathematics, science, social science or agriculture in a six-quarter program completed in less than two years. The BCLAD (bi-lingual) authorization is available to credential candidates in both the elementary and secondary programs.

The Credential Program prepares students for the teaching profession by immersing them in the total environment of a public school classroom while enrolled in required coursework. The coursework incorporates a theoretical-practical approach to the teaching-learning process, encouraging close interactions among teacher candidates and teacher education faculty. Students complete requirements for the M.A. degree during two part-time quarters following the credential year. This coursework introduces the integration of research into teaching practice, making teachers more informed and pro-active practitioners.

Graduate Advisor. Lisa Sullivan

Graduate Coordinator. Jana Royal

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Teaching Credential/M.A. Degree Program

Academic preparation for the Teaching Credential Program includes a completed bachelor's degree and a GPA of at least 3.00. For the Multiple Subject credential, many undergraduate majors are appropriate preparation for the program. For Single Subject credential candidates, we recommend an undergraduate major in the intended area of secondary teaching. Use undergraduate internship opportunities to gain classroom experience in the grade levels at which you wish to teach. In addition to these general requirements, learn about current state and UC Davis credential prerequisites at the School of Education website or call our Student Services Office.

  • Classroom experience in the appropriate grade levels
  • U.S. Constitution course
  • Specific preparatory coursework; see advisor for details
  • California Basic Skills Requirement
  • For the elementary credential program, the California Subject Examination for Teachers (CSET)
  • For secondary credential programs, approved subject matter coursework or the California Subject Examination for Teachers (CSET) for the appropriate subject

Applicants are encouraged to have program prerequisites and testing requirements completed prior to submitting an application. Credential requirements are regularly revised by the State of California. To obtain the most current information, students considering a career in teaching are encouraged to consult with the School of Education advisors throughout their undergraduate career.

M.A. in Education Degree Programs. Applicants to the General Track M.A. must have completed an undergraduate degree with a major in a field that supports their intended area of emphasis. A minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.000 is necessary for graduate admission at the University of California, Davis. Please consult with advisors in the School of Education regarding additional testing or supplemental information that may be required for application to a specific program.

Ed.D. Degree (CANDEL). Applicants to the CANDEL program must meet general admission requirements for graduate study at the University of California. Requirements include a bachelor's and master's degree (or equivalent) from an accredited institution, and a GPA of at least 3.000. In addition, applicants will have demonstrated prior experience in administrative or leadership roles in an educational institution or related areas.

Ph.D. Degree. Applicants to the Ph.D. program in Education must have a bachelor's degree, and normally will have completed a master's degree (or equivalent) in a field that supports their intended area of emphasis. A minimum GPA of 3.000 in previous undergraduate coursework is required for graduate admission at the University of California, Davis. Applicants must demonstrate a high potential for scholarly achievement and research. Individuals possessing graduate degrees in fields other than education are encouraged to apply. Experience in teaching, research, or related areas of education are desirable.