EGG Energy Systems

Courses in EGG:
EGG 200Energy Systems (4) Active
Lecture/Discussion—4 hour(s). Prerequisite(s): ENG 105; or equivalent. Theory and application of energy systems. Systems analysis, energy conversion technologies, environmental considerations, economics and system optimization. (Same course as EBS 216) (Letter.) Effective: 2018 Spring Quarter.
EGG 201Life Cycle Assessment for Sustainable Engineering (4) Active
Lecture—4 hour(s). Enrollment restricted to graduate students. Life cycle assessment methodology. Emphasis on applications to infrastructure and energy systems. Life cycle design, life cycle cost methods, other tools from industrial ecology, and links to policy. Not open to students who have taken ECI 244. (Same course as ECI 244A.) (Letter.) Effective: 2019 Winter Quarter.
EGG 202Energy & Climate Policy (4) Active
Lecture—3 hour(s); Extensive Writing/Discussion. Prerequisite(s): ECN 100A or ARE 100A; or Consent of Instructor. Pass One restricted to graduate students in Economics, Energy Graduate Group, and Transportation Technology & Policy Graduate Group. Fundamentals of energy technology, economics, and policy. Survey and analysis of current and prospective climate policies at the local and global level, including but not limited to cap-and-trade, emissions offsets, intensity standards, technology standards, mandates and subsidies. (Same course as ECN 216.) (Letter.) Effective: 2018 Spring Quarter.
EGG 290Energy Seminar (1) Active
Seminar—1 hour(s). Prerequisite(s): Graduate standing or consent of instructor. Selected topics of current interest in energy. Topics vary and will be announced at the beginning of each quarter. Seminar speakers include invited speakers from outside the university as well as faculty. May be repeated for credit when topic differs. (S/U grading only.) Effective: 2018 Fall Quarter.
EGG 299Research (1-12) Active
Variable—1-12 hour(s). Prerequisite(s): Consent of Instructor. Research May be repeated for credit. (S/U grading only.) Effective: 2017 Fall Quarter.