AGC Agricultural & Environmental Chemistry (Graduate Group)

Courses in AGC:

AGC 290Seminar (1) Active
Seminar—1 hour(s). Selected topics in agricultural and environmental chemistry, presented by students. (S/U grading only.) Effective: 1997 Winter Quarter.
AGC 298Group Study (1-5) Active
Variable—1-5 hour(s). Prerequisite(s): Consent of Instructor. The chemistry and biochemistry of foods, nutritional chemicals, pesticides, and other special topics as they apply to agricultural and environmental chemistry. (Letter.) Effective: 1997 Fall Quarter.
AGC 299Research (1-12) Active
Variable. Arrangements should be made well in advance with a faculty member of the Group in Agricultural & Environmental Chemistry. (S/U grading only.) Effective: 1997 Winter Quarter.