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Accounting Minor

(Graduate School of Management)

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The UC Davis Graduate School of Management’s Undergraduate Accounting Minor gives you the opportunity to enhance your coursework with a carefully crafted series of five upper-division courses. These courses are designed to prepare you for accounting-related careers or advanced study in accounting. All five courses, 20 units total, must be completed to receive the minor certification.

The accounting minor courses are open to all undergraduate and graduate majors at UC Davis.

All minor courses must be taken at UC Davis.

Prerequisites for minor courses are required and you should plan accordingly.

Units: 20
MGT 101
Sources and Uses of Accounting Information (Historical)
MGT 105
Intermediate Financial Accounting II (Active)
MGT 107
Intermediate Financial Accounting III (Active)
MGT 170
Management Accounting & Control (Active)
MGT 103
Intermediate Financial Accounting I (Active)
To complete the minor, students must complete the 20 units of coursework in the minor with a GPA of 2.000 or better. Students may petition to have the minor noted on your transcript by following the process designated by your college, which allows the Graduate School of Management to approve the minor electronically. Contact your college’s academic advisor for more information. Most prerequisites could be used to partially satisfy the University’s General Education requirements. No grade lower than a C- will be accepted in any prerequisite course.
Total: 20