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The UC Davis Graduate School of Management offers a minor in Technology Management to undergraduate students. This minor complements students' undergraduate studies with courses in the ways in which engineering and science-based industrial enterprises manage and use knowledge from science, engineering and technology. The minor also provides students with business and management skills that should enable them to use their education more effectively in a technology environment.

The Technology Management minor courses are open to all undergraduate and graduate majors at UC Davis.

All minor courses must be taken at UC Davis.

No course overlap allowed with other minors.

Prerequisites for minor courses are required and you should plan accordingly.

Technology Management
Units: 20
Choose five:
MGT 120
Managing & Using Information Technology (Active)
MGT 140
Marketing for the Technology-Based Enterprise (Active)
MGT 150
Technology Management (Active)
MGT 160
Financing New Business Ventures (Historical)
MGT 170
Management Accounting & Control (Active)
MGT 180
Supply Chain Planning & Management (Active)
To complete the minor, students must complete the 20 units of coursework with a GPA of 2.000 or better. Courses may be taken P/NP as long as at least one course is taken for a letter grade and minor GPA is at least 2.000.
For the OASIS minor declaration form to be approved, one course must be successfully completed and minor GPA at least 2.000.
Total: 20