Social, Ethnic & Gender Relations; Letters & Sciences

(College of Letters & Science)

The interdisciplinary minor in Social, Ethnic & Gender Relations explores the racial, ethnic, class and gender aspects of human relations in the modern world. Students study human societies and cultures from a multi-ethnic perspective and across established academic departmental lines. The minor is jointly sponsored by African American & African Studies, American Studies, Asian American Studies, Chicana/o Studies, Native American Studies, and Gender, Sexuality & Women’s Studies.

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Social, Ethnic & Gender Relations
Units: 20
Choose one upper division course from five of the following six groups to total 20 units:
(1) African American & African Studies
(2) Asian American Studies
(3) Chicana/o Studies
(4) Gender, Sexuality & Women’s Studies
(5) Native American Studies
(6) American Studies; with Domestic Diversity GE designation
No more than one course applied toward the satisfaction of a major may be offered in satisfaction of the minor.
Total: 20