Land, Air, & Water Resources

(College of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences)

Will Horwath, Chairperson

Department Office. 1110 Plant & Environmental Sciences Building 530-752-1130;

Land, Air & Water Resources is a multidisciplinary department with faculty who specialize in atmospheric science, plant science, soils and biogeochemistry, hydrology, and water engineering. Teaching, research, and outreach efforts focus on agricultural and environmental aspects of these disciplines. The faculty also contributes to numerous other undergraduate and graduate programs in the Colleges of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences, Letters & Science, and Engineering.

Major Programs. Undergraduate programs in Atmospheric Science, Hydrology, Environmental Science & Management, and Sustainable Agriculture & Food Systems are centered in the department; see

Undergraduate Advising Center is located in 1150 Plant & Environmental Sciences Building; 530-752-1603.

Courses. See courses listed under Atmospheric Science (ATM), Hydrologic Sciences (HYD), Hydrology (HYD), Environmental Science & Management (ESM), and Soil Science (SSC). See also the websites listed above.

Graduate Study. Graduate programs, offering both M.S. and Ph.D. degrees, in Atmospheric Science, Soils & Biogeochemistry, and Hydrologic Sciences are administered in the department; see

Graduate Advising Center is located in 1152 Plant & Environmental Sciences Building; 530-752-1669.