Global & International Studies Minor; Humanities

(College of Letters & Science)

The minor is overseen by a Program Committee. For more information, see

The interdisciplinary minor in Global & International Studies will enable students to learn about global and international issues at UC Davis, as well as gain first-hand academic experience abroad. The minor is also designed to give recognition for upper division course work while studying abroad. However, the minor can also be completed with approved course work taken at UC Davis.

Students will be expected to work closely with an academic advisor in developing an intellectually coherent program of study. Each proposal must be approved by the Faculty Directors of UC Davis Study Abroad.

Study Abroad and International Internships. The course cluster requirement may be met in one of two ways: (1) completion of a minimum of 16-17 units in the course cluster emphasis by taking approved UC Davis upper division courses in the area of global/international studies and/or approved upper division courses taken while participating in UC Study Abroad or another approved study abroad program, or (2) completion of 12 units of course work in a UC Davis accredited international internship, plus UC Davis courses sufficient to total 16-17 units. Students must meet with the GIS advisor and complete a Course Cluster Worksheet to demonstrate subject interrelatedness.

Restrictions. No more than two courses from a single UC Davis Department may be offered in satisfaction of the minor requirements.

Foreign Language Study. Students are strongly encouraged to study a foreign language, particularly the language of the country in which and about which they intend to study. However, only upper division coursework may be used to fulfill requirements for the minor.

Global & International Studies
Units: 23-25
Arts & Humanities Emphasis
Choose one:
ANT 004
Introduction to Anthropological Linguistics (Active)
ANT 020
Comparative Cultures (Active)
IRE 001
Global Interdependence (Active)
POL 003
International Relations (Active)
SOC 005
Global Social Change: An Introduction to Macrosociology (Active)
Choose one upper division UC Davis general course on global international studies. See program advisor for a list of approved courses.
Course cluster requirement
The minor requires the selection of interrelated courses totaling a minimum of 16-17 upper division units in area and regional studies or thematic course clusters in global and international studies.
Suggested course clusters include:
(1) Country or region-specific courses:
Western Europe; Russian & East/Central Europe; Asia & the Pacific; Latin & South America; Africa & the Middle East; Jewish Studies; specific countries.
(2) Courses clustered around a thematic field in global and international studies:
People & nationalities; the individual & society, arts, language, literature & culture.
Total: 23-25