Food Service Management; Nutrition


(College of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences)


The Major Program & Graduate Study. Food Service Management is incorporated within the major of Clinical Nutrition. If you are interested in preparing for a career in commercial organizations such as hotels, restaurants, industrial cafeterias, or contract food services, as well as in public or private institutions such as hospitals, correctional institutions, schools, or colleges, consult the Department of Nutrition.

Related Courses. See Nutrition (NUT).

Courses in FSM:

Questions pertaining to the following courses should be directed to the instructor or to the Nutrition Department Advising office in 3202 Meyer Hall; 530-752-2512; 530-752-7094.

FSM 120Principles of Quantity Food Production (4) Active
Lecture—3 hour(s); Independent Study—1 hour(s). Prerequisite(s): FST 100B; (FST 101B or NUT 106). Restricted to upper division Clinical Nutrition students only. Fundamental principles of food service management, including quantity food preparation, institutional equipment, receiving and storage, service, menu planning, merchandising, and safety. Students earn food safety certification. (Letter.) Effective: 2019 Fall Quarter.
FSM 120LQuantity Food Production Laboratory (2) Active
Laboratory—6 hour(s). Prerequisite(s): FSM 120. Laboratory experience in quantity food production and service. (Letter.) Effective: 1997 Winter Quarter.
FSM 122Food Service Systems Management (3) Active
Lecture—3 hour(s). Prerequisite(s): ARE 112; FSM 120. Principles of quantity food production management: production schedules, portion control, financial management, layout and equipment planning, evaluation of alternative systems, and computer applications. (Letter.) Effective: 2017 Winter Quarter.
FSM 192Internship (1-12) Active
Internship—3-36 hour(s). Prerequisite(s): Consent of Instructor. One upper division course in Food Service Management (FSM). Work experience on or off campus in practical aspects of food service management, supervised by a faculty member. (P/NP grading only.) Effective: 1997 Winter Quarter.
FSM 197TTutoring in Food Service Management (1-2) Active
Discussion/Laboratory—3-6 hour(s). Prerequisite(s): Dietetics or related major; completion of the Food Service Management (FSM) course in which tutoring is done. Tutoring of students in food service management, assistance with discussion groups or laboratory sections; weekly conference with instructor in charge of course; written evaluations. May be repeated for credit when tutoring a different course. (P/NP grading only.) Effective: 1997 Winter Quarter.
FSM 198Directed Group Study (1-5) Active
Variable. (P/NP grading only.) Effective: 1997 Winter Quarter.
FSM 199Special Study for Advanced Undergraduates (1-5) Active
Variable. (P/NP grading only.) Effective: 1997 Winter Quarter.