ENV Environmental Policy & Management

Courses in ENV:
ENV 200AAnalysis of Environmental Management & Policy (4) Active
Lecture—4 hour(s). Prerequisite(s): Graduate standing. Introduction to rational decision making for public policy problems. Modeling natural/human system interactions, data gathering and hypothesis testing. Predicting outcomes of policy options. (Letter.) Effective: 2017 Fall Quarter.
ENV 200BEnvironmental Policy Evaluation (4) Active
Lecture—2 hour(s); Discussion—1 hour(s); Seminar—2 hour(s). Prerequisite(s): (STA 108 or ARE 106); ARE 176; Intermediate microeconomics (e.g., ECN 100); policy analysis (e.g., ESP 168A or the equivalent). Method and practice, philosophical basis, and political role of policy analysis. Reviews basic concepts from economic theory; how and why environmental problems emerge in a market economy; and tools necessary for solving environmental problems. (Same course as ECL 212B, ESP 212B.) (Letter.) Effective: 2018 Winter Quarter.
ENV 200CEnvironmental Policy Process (4) Active
Lecture—3 hour(s); Discussion—1 hour(s). Prerequisite(s): Course in public policy (e.g., ESP 160); environmental law (e.g., ESP 161); course in statistics (e.g., SOC 106 or ARE 106). Introduction to selected theories of the policy process and applications to the field of environmental policy. Develops critical reading skills, understanding of policy theory, and an ability to apply multiple theories to the same phenomena. (Same course as ECL 212A, ESP 212A.) (Letter.) Effective: 2017 Fall Quarter.
ENV 201Environmental Law (3) Active
Lecture—3 hour(s). Prerequisite(s): Graduate standing. Roles of legislatures, agencies, and courts in creating and interpreting law; legal strategies for addressing environmental problems; major environmental statutes; and the relationship between federal and state/local legal authority. (Letter.) Effective: 2018 Spring Quarter.
ENV 202Strategies of Environmental Administration & Management (4) Active
Lecture—4 hour(s). Bureaucracy and public management, organizational theory, analysis of environmental management by US agencies, NGOs, and business. Overview of natural resource management, analyzes the strengths and limitations of different administrative approaches. (Letter.) Effective: 2017 Fall Quarter.
ENV 203Environmental Policy Clinic (4) Active
Laboratory—4 hour(s). Prerequisite(s): Graduate standing. Teams of students analyze an environmental policy problem from scientific, legal, and economic perspectives. Hands-on learning partnering with rotating clients. May be repeated up to 1 Time(s) ; once in winter and once in spring. (Letter.) Effective: 2018 Winter Quarter.
ENV 292Graduate Internship (1-12) Active
Internship—1-12 hour(s). Prerequisite(s): Consent of Instructor. Individually designed supervised internship, off campus, in community or institutional setting. Developed with advice of faculty mentor. May be repeated for credit. (S/U grading only.) Effective: 2018 Fall Quarter.
ENV 296Environmental Policy & Management Practicum (2-6) Active
Internship—0.5 hour(s). Prerequisite(s): Consent of Instructor. Practicum experience integrating coursework into an applied professional setting. May be repeated for credit. (S/U grading only.) Effective: 2017 Fall Quarter.
ENV 297Professional Development Seminar (1) Active
Seminar—2 hour(s). Prerequisite(s): Graduate standing. Weekly seminar inviting policy and management professionals to come and discuss their challenges and achievements. May be repeated up to 6 Unit(s). (S/U grading only.) Effective: 2018 Spring Quarter.